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If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering your options, we can help.  Parenting, adoption and abortion education and resources.

Adoption Education

Considering Adoption?  Find out the latest information on types of adoption, adoption education, financial resources, and more.

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Training for Professionals

Education, resources and training for the modern, unique family.  Great for adoption professionals, pregnancy clinics and hospital staff.


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Founder's Adoption Blog:

Grew In My Heart - Sarah M. Baker

Is your problem temporary?  Let us help you find the resources you need to keep your family intact.

Learn all that you need to know about adoption..

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Adoption Resources

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Continuing Education

Adoption training and online education for your home-study or continued adoption learning.

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Adoption Education Center is in the beginning stages of offering a wide variety of resources and education surrounding the unique family.  Through community support, we can make this possible.  Please email us if you would like information on our goals, programs or how you can donate to help! Fundraising will help us reach our goals and through your support we can make a difference in the lives of women and families.  


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We are not an adoption agency or facilitator. We offer design and management services with focus on open adoption.